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May 25, 2018
Miguel Angel
Guest Writer
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Many businesses these days have aspirations of expanding their business across borders and becoming an international organization. It makes sense, a bigger market increases the opportunity for success.

Communication and language is so important, it impacts every aspect of a business from professional relationships and contracting of services, to managing customers and making sure your business is legally compliant.

This is why a professional translator should be top of your list of considerations when looking to expand and improve your international business.

Translation is a specialist skill

If translation and interpretation were simple, there are any number of online translation tools that could be used. But it is not simple. It is so much more. To get it right for your international audience you need a native, local specialist translator who not only understands both languages but also local usage of that language. For example the Spanish spoken in Spain will differ regionally and will be very different from the Spanish used in South America.

You need a specialist translation service that understands this and has professional interpreters based all over the world. In many aspects of business and personal life you will often need a sworn translation. This is where the translation is officially valid before any public body, and requires that the translator is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Only an official sworn translator can sign, seal and swear to the accuracy of the translation. This could be needed for anything from contracts and deeds to national ID cards or driving licenses.

A professional translator is highly trained and rigorously tested

A professional translator has to undergo exhaustive translation tests, particularly if they are to become a sworn translator. Not only do they need to speak both languages fluently at a native level, they also need to prove it. They also need to able to apply translation and interpretation services across various methods and channels.

It could be translating a series of documents on one day, and on the next transcription of audio or voice over work. Each requires an adaptable skill set.

Interpretation, the live translation of speech, is another highly skilled area. Conducted over the telephone or in person it requires quick thinking and huge concentration by the translator so that the conversation can flow as naturally as possible.

Not just a language specialist

It is not enough to be an expert translator, although this is a good place to start. They also need to be able to specialize in many areas of business.

For example, a legal translation will have very different language and complexity to a scientific translation. Both can be highly technical, and it is important to find a professional translator who also knows the subject matter inside and out.

Sometimes the translation will be very much business related, for commercial and administrative translations. However when it comes to content marketing, blogs and other marketing communications with the general public, a professional translator will know how to adapt the tone and feel to make it more customer friendly and promote your brand.

Transcreation goes even further, not just adapting the copy, but also the visual design, images, colors and adds subtle cultural context to the marketing message you are promoting. The skills needed to do this go far beyond an understanding of languages, and only with the right translation service can you be sure to get exactly what your business needs.

Break down barriers to your business

With a professional translation service you are guaranteed quality translations in any language combination, and at a competitive price.

Whether it is professional and sworn translations, SEO optimized translations for your website, or interpretation a professional translator can help break down language and cultural barriers. This will be key to helping you achieve your international goals and great success of your business.



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