Pot soon to be legal in Colorado, but still banned in Denver airport


On January 1, recreational pot will be legal in Colorado and state-licensed retailers only will be able to sell it. Around 32 retailers will be able to start selling in Colorado on Wednesday, and more are seeking licensure. There are still a few rules attached to the new law, which include the purchase age of 21 or older, and a ban on smoking pot in public.

Despite the state-wide law in Colorado, Denver International Airport will continue to ban pot. Airport spokeswoman Stacey Stegman reported that officials will not search out the drug, but that if a passenger is found with marijuana they could face a $999 fine. “We don’t know what to expect,” Stegman said. “We hear these stories that there’s going to be more people coming here. We just want to make it clear if people are traveling that they just know the rules.”

The TSA website added: “Law enforcement will determine how to proceed with the passenger who is attempting to transport marijuana — can include arrest, confiscation of the substance, request to dispose of the substance or allowing passenger to proceed. Passengers may be warned that if they are traveling into a state where marijuana remains illegal that they could face further consequences.”


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