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June 21, 2019
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If you want soft illumination at night, then a motion activated night light is your best option. This light turns on automatically when movement is detected by its built-in system. You can choose from battery-powered lights or plug-ins that can provide lighting automatically without you needing to switch on anything. Read more about night lights:

At night, they can be convenient for your kids, elderly, guests, and pets. You can go to the bathroom at night without worrying about stumbling. You can even beautify the interior of your homes with these night lights. The sensors can’t be triggered unless the room is dark. You even have the option to install them on your carports for easier parking. Just make sure that they are not exposed to harsh weathers. Read more about night lights in this article.

How Night Lights Work

Before you go ahead and invest in a motion activated night light, you need first to get a good idea of how it works. In the traditional night light, you need to manually turn it on when the sun sets and turn it off when it’s morning. This is a good idea as this can provide vision all night when you are trying to find your way to the fridge at midnight, but it’s not practical. If you sleep most of the time, then you might be wasting energy which can lead to a spike on your electricity bill at the end of the month.

The motion activated sensor night light solves the problem by only turning on when the room is pitch dark, and when it detects movement nearby. There are other night lights that can detect sounds. Some of the types of sensors include combined, tomographic, microwave, passive infrared, and ultrasonic.

What to Consider When Choosing a Night Light

There are a few factors that you need to consider when choosing the right night light for your home. Here are some of them:

1. Battery-Operated vs. Plug-ins
When you want to save more on energy, you might want to consider the battery-operated night lights. However, the batteries can be expensive when it comes to replacement time. There are plug-ins that can save energy which you can choose from. Battery-operated night lights can be installed anywhere inside your home while the plug-ins can give you security at night that you can activate the sensor at a particular place without needing to fumble your way around it.

2. Night Lights that have LED lighting
Many homeowners go with LED lights because they offer a lot of advantages over other forms of lighting. They are usually durable and can last through the years. They are safe, and you don’t need to worry about sudden fires. They are also friendly to the environment, and you can save a lot of energy with LED lights.

3. Safe and Durable
The right night light should be made from polypropylene, acrylic, PLA that comes from cornstarch, High Impact Polystyrene, and other materials that are safe for the family. Pay attention to the stuff the light is made of, and you should also look for indicators on the life span of the night light. You can view the best night lights that are long-lasting in this link here for more information.

Other Qualities to Look At


Motion Sensitivity
When you are moving about the house at night, your night light should be able to detect movement fast enough. You might want to choose lights with about 6 to 7-meter detection range and those that use an infrared motion detection technology that can suit you 365 nights a year. The advanced light sensors should be activated automatically at nighttime and can shut down within 20 to 30 seconds when it does not detect any movement.

Battery-Operated Lights 
When it comes to battery-operated night lights, you should be able to install them away from the sockets without any problems. The ideal consumption of the sensors can be about 0.25 mW when it is on standby mode. The 3.8-lumen mode should last for about seven months while the 0.7m lumen mode should last for a year. The battery-operated night lights work in the same way as the plugged ones, but they can give you the flexibility that you are looking for.

As mentioned before, you should be able to install your night lights anywhere you want. There should be adhesives that are sticky enough for you to install the lights on the hallways, outside the doors, on your stairs, or in your closets. If you find that the adhesive is not sticky enough, you also have the option to install hooks on your walls in order to get the lights in the right place.

Clear Sight Even at Night
Night lights are very important, especially if you have babies at home. You might have to change the nappies or feed the baby, and you should be able to see clearly. The infants can be irritated with sudden flashes of bright lights, and they might not develop their vision properly. A night light can emit a warm and soft glow that is not harmful to the eyes of your infant. Choosing the right nightlight for your home will make your family safe. The lights can also add a soft glow, which can make you feel secure. You don’t have to worry about sudden noises since you can see what causes it even if it’s late at night.


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