VIRGINIA NEWS – Mother of 6-year-old boy who shot teacher failed drug test


Mariah Cain, Staff Writer

Deja Taylor’s six-year-old son shot his teacher, Abby Zwerner in her Virginia classroom in January. In June, Taylor allegedly pleaded guilty to using marijuana while possessing a firearm after she lied about her drug use on the federal background check when she purchased the gun. Following this plea, Taylor was released on bond by the judge under the circumstances that she submit to drug tests and attend addiction treatment.

Taylor has allegedly tested for cocaine once and marijuana twice since being released on bond, along with missing two drug treatment sessions and two drug tests. Taylor’s sentencing is set for Oct. 18 and prosecutors are asking for 18 to 24 months in prison. Taylor also faces a state felony charge for child neglect for her son’s shooting and prosecutors are following the state’s guidelines for the charge.




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