Editor’s Notes – October 2010


Anthony Shriver, Founder and Chairman of Best Buddies International and Wendy Thompson (at an EKS Challenge fundraiser)

Dear Readers,

The DC Spotlight this month (October 2010) features the 10 most interesting people in the Washington, DC metro area.  But before I talk about the list, let me first ask you take time out to support the EKS Challenge which will benefit Special Olympics and Best Buddies.  To sign up and be a part of this exciting event on October 23rd, go to the EKS Challenge website at http://www.ekschallenge.com.  This event honors the memory of a great lady, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who used her own life to improve the life of disabled people.  Our staff here at the DC Spotlight dedicates this issue to Mrs. Shriver and all of the great things she accomplished in her lifetime. 

Now, on to the list.  The people on our TOP 10 List are as diverse as the metro area itself.  From politicians to educators to writers and photographers, we have found some of the best and the brightest in our community, who are changing the lives of others and living some pretty interesting lives of their own.  So, check out the TOP 10 List.  You might be surprised to find who’s on there.  The TOP 10 List covers The Nation, Living the Life, Metro Link, Limelight and Sports Leader Board. 

This issue will also introduce our readers to Kimberly Collins and her new column, A Slice of Wisdom.  In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Collins has written a poignant letter that every woman should read and find solace in.   

In Healthy Living, we feature the benefits of pilates and showcase a great “gem” of a gym in Bethesda, Maryland, the Core Essentials Studio, where the owner, Marla Rice offers a private exercise sanctuary.  Love and Romance in this month’s issue discusses the advantages of dating your polar opposite.  According to the article, not only do opposites attract, but their relationships usually have longer futures.  In our “Bon Appetit” section, contributing restaurant critic, Kristin Conklin dines at La Tasca restaurant in Washington, DC and talks to Chef Godred Obeng.  With the beginning of fall near, Chesapeake Kitchen offers a delightful recipe for bread pudding that is sure to warm any tummy on a cold night.  Also, check out our Books to Know TOP 10 List from DC’s own writers and other national writers who are making a splash this month.  Our “Dear Mom” advice column addresses the aftermath of an African American husband leaving his wife for a woman who is white.  This touchy situation has become a local domestic issue in the African American community and our advice columnist comes through with excellent advice. 

For those who are unemployed, our Job Hunters classifieds allow readers to post for FREE the talents and skills on their resume in our Jobs section, so that employers can make instant contact regarding job offers. If you are looking for a job, use Job Hunters to connect with your future employer. Give it a try. It’s FREE!

Our staff enjoyed bringing this issue to our readers, and we hope you enjoy reading it. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to use the DC Spotlight as your source for news, entertainment, events and job searches. For questions or comments, please email the DC Spotlight at Contact@DCSpotlight.com.

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