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March 11, 2016
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With baseball season right around the corner, there are a number of avid fans looking for information on their favorite teams. The spring training for most ball clubs is going on right now, which means that fans will be able to get a firsthand look at what their team has in store. Among the most popular teams in the MLB is the Washington Nationals. Now is the time to find great tickets for sale to the Nationals games. Most people are curious to find out what this team has in store this year. Here are some of the things that Nationals fans can look forward to in the 2016 season.

Getting the Pitching Game Back in Line
With the departure of such pitching stars as Craig Stammen and Matt Thornton, many of the Nationals fans thought that their pitching staff would not meet the grade this year. Without a great bull pen, it can be very hard for a team to make a splash in the MLB. This off season has seen the acquisition of such pitching stars as Shawn Kelley and Oliver Perez. Along with these additions and many more, the pitching staff is looking great.

Swinging For the Fence
One of the biggest things that has been missing from the Nationals team is power hitting. For many years, it seems like they have struggled with getting the ball over the fence, but with a few off-season trades, this may be remedied. Picking up power-hitters like Ross Detwiler will help to improve the clubs batting average and will allow them to finally start winning games against bigger and more powerful ball clubs.

Better Fielding is a Must
Another very important thing that the Washington Nationals have been lacking in the past few seasons is a good infield. Many errors and missed plays have begun to frustrate the National faithful and has made them long for better gloves in the infield. During the off-season, the Nationals picked up Nick Lee, who has shown a lot of promise in the triple A leagues. Time will tell if he will be able to transition into the major league and become a great ball player. To their credit, the Nationals coaching staff have been putting a priority on fielding during their first few training sessions. They are trying to fix the issues that they see, which may allow them to compete on a higher level in the league.

With the season looming, many National fans are looking forward to what their team has to offer this years.


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