Redskins Drop Fourth Straight Game with Struggling Offense


November 7, 2011
Ceci Ferrara
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As the season progresses, each team appears to be getting better except the Redskins. Both the Dolphins and Rams have snapped their winless records, leaving the Colts, who are the only team without a W in the year. The division rival Philadelphia Eagles, who were 1-4 before their bye week, have now won two in a row to improve to 3-4–one game better than the Skins.

After such a fast start, it seems hard to believe the Skins could finish the season with a losing record for the third consecutive year. That may seem like a bleak prediction, but the Skins’ offense has been completely absent during the past few weeks. Since their bye week, they have been unable to nab a win, losing four straight and falling to 3-5, the worst record in the NFC East. After last week’s shutout by the Bills, the Skins’ offense failed to show up against the 49ers. They were unable to get into the red zone until the fourth quarter. By then, the 49ers, who are now tied with the Packers for first place in the NFC, had squashed any hopes of a Redskins comeback. The 11-19 loss is just the latest in what is slowly becoming a failed season.

There are so many things working against the Redskins that it’s hard to blame them for their losses. Several of their offensive players are out with injuries, and they are unable to find a consistent quarterback in either of their two available options. While Rex Grossman was shamed in his outing against the Eagles, it may be time for Shanahan to reconsider, as Beck has been unable to win a single game as QB.

Their next game is against the 1-7 Dolphins, and will perhaps define how the second half of the season will go. If they are unable to capitalize on a struggling team, it’ll be hard to believe they even stand a chance against the Cowboys, Jets, and Patriots down the line. Let’s hope the rookie O-line decides to show up next Sunday and the Redskins can get this season back on track. While the players appeared visibly frustrated with the loss, Coach Shanahan remained optimistic, saying in a post-game press conference on Sunday, “We’re not where we want to be right now, but we’re going in the right direction.”

For several years now the Capitals have been the most successful sports team in Washington, and the one considered most likely to bring home a national championship. This year, at least so far, is no exception.

After an impressive 7-0 start, the Caps skidded a little, losing two straight to close out October. Despite a 3-5 loss to the Islanders last weekend, they are still 9-3, and in their familiar No. 1 spot in the Southeast Division. With a season that lasts from October to April, the Caps have a long way to go before one or two losses have an impact on their Stanley Cup dreams.

NBA Lockout Continues
Today marks the 130th day of the NBA lockout, with an agreement remaining elusive to the two sides. NBA games have been cancelled through November 30, and the entire season is at risk if the league and players union cannot meet in the middle. After collective bargaining agreement negotiations ended on Sunday, the National Basketball Players Association called the league’s latest offer “unacceptable”, causing the gridlock to continue.

While the NFL lockout only effected the off-season, the NBA lockout has caused more than one month of games to be cancelled. Players could decide to push for a decertification vote if they feel the union is succumbing to pressure from the league and its owners. It’s a tough situation for basketball fans, players, and owners alike, all of whom gain some benefit from the sport. Unfortunately, there doesn’t look like a clear end in sight.


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