WORLD NEWS – British Conservative party leader Rishi Sunak resigns after heavy loss


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

Rishi Sunak announced his resignation as prime minister and Conservative Party leader after a significant defeat to Keir Starmer’s Labour Party. In his departure speech, he acknowledged the public’s desire for change and expressed responsibility for the loss. He paid tribute to Britain and called for the protection of “kindness, decency, and tolerance.” Sunak, who served for 20 months, faced economic challenges and a tarnished Conservative reputation from previous leadership. His early election call failed to close the gap with Labour, leading to the worst result in the party’s history.

Despite his resignation, Sunak emphasized the importance of the Conservative Party rebuilding and effectively functioning in opposition. He praised the orderly transfer of power to Starmer and highlighted the stability it brings to the country. Reflecting on his tenure, Sunak, the UK’s first ethnic-minority prime minister, expressed pride in his achievements and the inclusivity of British society. He conveyed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and reiterated his commitment to the values that define Britain.


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