Student kills teacher and policeman in Moscow school


A 10th-grade student killed his geography teacher and a policeman on Monday, after bursting through his school in Moscow, armed with a small caliber rifle and a carbine. The school, in northeast Moscow, is for children in grades one through 11. No students were hurt during the attack. The student gunman entered the school after threatening a security guard, who managed to hit an alarm before following the student into his classroom. The boy’s father was called to the school immediately to persuade his son into freeing the students being held as hostages. They spoke for 15 minutes on the phone and after the son wouldn’t release any hostages, the father, wearing a bullet-proof vest, entered the classroom. 30 minutes later, the students walked out leaving the father and son alone. The boy was seriously wounded by a second police officer who responded to an alarm from the school.




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