Washington, DC – Metro emergency response lacks in communication with riders


Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik told Metro Board members that Metro and first responders are still “challenged with communicating effectively to the individuals on the train.” Metro’s most recent quarterly safety drill simulated the response to an electrical arcing incident in the Silver Line tunnel along Route 7 and Route 123. “One of the early items is the lack of communication to the people on board the incident train … they said they saw the first responders’ initial calls but [they were]not updating them frequently enough,” Pavlik said. He said this was a complaint that they have heard before. Metro is planning another, larger drill on Aug. 28, which will test the regional response to an emergency rather than only the local one. “This one will be challenging for us, as a region, to see how we respond,” Pavlik said. “We’re working now to do more of a coordinated effort … to see how first responders are able to handle multiple incidents.”


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