WASHINGTON, D.C NEWS – AIR Communities settles housing discrimination lawsuit with Equal Rights Center


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

D.C.-based property management company, AIR Communities, has settled a lawsuit with the Equal Rights Center (ERC) over allegations of housing discrimination. The ERC accused AIR Communities of denying housing to voucher holders and using overly broad eviction and criminal history screenings at its apartment complexes in Northwest D.C. As part of the settlement, AIR Communities agreed to comply with D.C. law by not denying applicants based on criminal convictions older than seven years or evictions older than three years. Additionally, they will not deny applicants who use income-based housing subsidies or consider credit scores for those using such subsidies.

AIR Communities, which manages properties like Latrobe Apartment Homes, Upton Place, and Vaughan Place, emphasized their commitment to fair housing laws, stating that the identified issues were due to unintentional omissions. The company has pledged to revise its tenant screening policies and ensure compliance among employees. ERC’s executive director, Kate Scott, highlighted the importance of this settlement in addressing racial segregation in D.C. The ERC will assist AIR Communities in retraining employees annually and conducting compliance testing to ensure adherence to the new policies, fostering greater housing mobility for low-income residents, particularly those of color.


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