U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine resigns


Kim Dine has decided to step down as United States Capitol Police Chief after more than two years in the position. He submitted his letter of resignation Friday afternoon. It is not yet clear when the resignation will take effect. Dine was sworn in to the position by members of the Capitol Police Board December 17, 2012. He served as chief of police for the city of Frederick, Maryland for a decade (2002-2012) before accepting the position as head of Capitol Police. The spur of the moment resignation comes amid mounting tension from within the Capitol Police force. Capitol Police were unsure of whether to get involved in a high-speed chase near the capitol from Prince George’s County the night of the State of the Union (back in February). There was also blowback when officers who were dispatched to the 2013 Navy Yard shooting were called back. No further comments (from Dine or a Capitol Police spokesperson) have been made in regards to the resignation.


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