Mother says son hospitalized after school ignored his health problem


According to his mother, 9-year-old Blake was hospitalized after pleas for help were reportedly ignored at his school and that D.C. Scholars Charter School in Southeast was allegedly aware of Blake’s health issues. Tyesha Ford claims her son has a history of health problems, including sickle cell disease. Ford says her son had a heart attack last June and his complaints of a headache and feeling hot were ignored Monday at school. On Monday when Blake told his teacher he felt sick she told him to sit down and finish his work. Ford says that her son eventually took himself to the schools front office and was put on a bus to go home and that when she finally met up with Blake he was so weak he could barely walk. Ford called an ambulance and on the way to the hospital, Blake’s temperature rose to 105. As of Tuesday night, Blake was hospitalized and could possibly need a blood transfusion.





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