Georgetown University student enters second month in jail for ricin


Accused of making the biological toxin ricin in his dorm room, Daniel Milzman, a Georgetown University student, enters his second month in jail as of today. Milzman was arrested by federal agents on March 21, three days after he tossed a sealed plastic bag at the feet of a friend and said he was making ricin, the hardest thing he ever did. Milzman is accused of violating the federal law of possession of a biological toxin and could face up to a 10-year prison term. A 2012 graduate of Bethesda’s Walt Whitman High School, Milzman suffers from mental illness and intended to harm no one but himself. He’s been receiving treatment while in a Washington jail. The court remains unsure whether or not Milzman planned on harming only himself or attack someone else with the ricin and has ruled that he must remain in pretrial detention. Milzman has a status hearing scheduled for May 1 in federal court.





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