VIRGINIA NEWS – Residents at Eaves Fairfax Towers go without air conditioning in record breaking heat


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

Residents of Eaves Fairfax Towers in Falls Church, Virginia, have allegedly been without air conditioning for two weeks amid dangerous heat waves, causing significant distress. Residents report unbearable living conditions, with temperatures inside their apartments so high that normal living and sleeping have become impossible. The management team of the apartment complex explained that the cooling tower’s fan blade broke, causing extensive damage, and they are working on a temporary solution until the necessary parts arrive for a permanent fix.

The management team reportedly provided temporary solutions, including portable AC units and partial restoration of air conditioning for some floors, but residents report these measures are inadequate. One tenant reported that her apartment remains at 92 degrees despite the portable unit. The situation has prompted residents to express frustration and question the fairness of paying full rent under such conditions.


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