VIRGINIA NEWS – Fairfax City set to relocate their turtles to dredge Ashby Pond


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

Fairfax City is set to relocate its turtles in preparation for the Ashby Pond dredging and environmental improvement project. The Department of Public Works will begin capturing and relocating the turtles to ensure their safety during the construction process. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance Ashby Pond’s capacity to manage stormwater runoff, improve water quality, and restore the pond’s ecological balance. Residents can observe the trapping and relocation process, which is permitted and managed by a specific group of experts, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. daily.

The dredging project aims to remove accumulated silt to increase the pond’s capacity for capturing pollutants and slowing stormwater runoff. This process, which is typically required every decade, will restore the pond’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. In addition to dredging, planned upgrades include repairing erosion channels, installing sediment forebays, and adding aquatic benches and plantings. These improvements will help the pond better manage sediment and pollutant capture, enhance habitats for local wildlife, and contribute to the city’s Chesapeake Bay pollutant reduction goals. The project is partially funded by the city’s stormwater utility fee and a grant from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality​


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