Virginia lawmaker victorious in election despite sex scandal


Virginia lawmaker Joseph D. Morrissey resigned his seat following a sex scandal involving his 17-year old secretary and won it back during a special election Tuesday. A nude photo of the girl was found on his cell phone and allegedly shared with a friend. Morrissey insisted repeatedly that nothing ever happened and claims his phone was hacked. In unofficial returns, Morrissey won 42 percent of the vote, compared to 33 percent for Kevin J. Sullivan and 24 percent for Matt D. Walton. Morrissey stated that the results show people are not affected by the scandal that landed him in jail. He agreed to serve six months in jail for the misdemeanor and avoided a felony trial that could have ruined his political career. Legislators from both parties deemed him unfit to serve and began figuring out different ways to expel him if he won. Morrissey shot back that the people, not politicians, should decide who represents them. His latest troubles began when Coleman Pride (father of the girl) told authorities that Morrissey preyed on his then underage daughter. Myrna Pride, now 18, actually publicly defended him and denies the claims that they ever had sex.


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