NFL, officials agree on new deal


The replacement officials will be replaced Thursday in time for the Ravens and Browns game on Thursday night football. The NFLRA and the NFL owners’ reached an agreement late Wednesday night that included compromises on both sides, including a pension plan for current referees and an increased salary. The new deal is good until the 2019 season. “We are glad to be getting back on the field for this week’s games,” NFL Referees Association president Scott Green said.

The commissioner has agreed to lift the lockout so referees can officiate during the Thursday night game, but the NFLRA still has to pass the proposal by a majority. They will vote on the plan Friday and Saturday nights. “It was a noble experiment, but I think ultimately a failed experiment, from what we’ve seen. It’ll be good not to have to worry about that when we’re on the field, it’s good that it won’t be a distraction anymore,” said Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe. The new deal allows the NFL to find full time refs to add to the league. The current referees are part time employees with different jobs.


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