On 9/11 anniversary, 77 U.S. troops injured in U.S. base bombing


According to NATO reports, on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks ten years ago, 77 U.S. troops were wounded in eastern Afghanistan when a truck bomb exploded at a U.S. base. 2 Afghans civilians were killed and less than 25 Afghan civilians were wounded.  The bombing came hours after the Taliban announced that their movement had nothing to do with 9/11 attacks and that they would fight until American troops were out of Afghanistan.

The explosion shattered glass and heavily damaged shops in the Combat Outpost Sayed Abad in the Wardak province.  A Taliban suicide bomber carried out the attack by detonating a truck bomb that was camouflaged with firewood.  The impact of the bomb was absorbed by a protective barrier at the entrance of the compound.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility.


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