James Holmes offers guilty plea in exchange for avoiding the death penalty


The defense team of James Holmes, the perpetrator of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater mass shooting, has submitted an offer of a guilty plea in exchange for life in prison without parole instead of the death penalty.

“Mr. Holmes is currently willing to resolve the case to bring the proceedings to a speedy and definite conclusion for all involved,” his defense lawyers wrote. “It appears the only impediment to a resolution of this case would be if the prosecution chooses to seek the death penalty.”

Prosecutors have not yet indicated whether they will be willing to accept the plea bargain. There had been a debate among Holmes’ attorneys about whether or not to pursue the insanity defense. They are still open to the possibility should the prosecution decline the plea bargain.

“He didn’t give 12 people the chance to plea bargain and say, ‘Let’s see if you’re going to shoot me or not,'” said Melisa Cowden, whose two teenage daughters were with their father when he was killed by Holmes in the theater.

“No. No plea bargain,” she said.


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