MARYLAND NEWS – Marilyn Mosby, former Baltimore states attorney, will keep law license in Maryland


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

Maryland’s highest court has ruled that former Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will not have her law license suspended while her convictions for perjury and mortgage fraud are being appealed. Despite her criminal convictions, Mosby retains the ability to practice law, a decision that has sparked dissent among some justices who worry about the public’s trust in the justice system. The Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission had pushed for an immediate suspension, but their request was denied by the Supreme Court of Maryland, allowing Mosby to continue her legal work during the appeals process. This ruling suggests the court’s preference to maintain the current situation until a final judgment is reached.

The decision highlighted a division within the court, with Justice Steven B. Gould dissenting and emphasizing the significance of Mosby’s convictions on her character. Defense attorney Andrew I. Alperstein noted that the charges against Mosby did not pertain to client interactions, which may have influenced the court’s more measured approach. This nuanced stance aims to protect the community from potentially dishonest lawyers while allowing Mosby to exercise her legal rights throughout the appeal.


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