ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – Jamie Foxx shares details on his 2023 hospitalization


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

Jamie Foxx, the Oscar-winning actor, has recently shared more details about his hospitalization in April 2023, which occurred while he was filming the Netflix movie “Back in Action” in Atlanta. In a video posted on TikTok, Foxx revealed that he experienced a severe headache on April 11, 2023, and after requesting an Advil from a friend, he was unconscious for 20 days. Foxx, who has been discreet about the specifics of his health crisis, mentioned that his sister and daughter took him to a doctor who administered a cortisone shot, and another doctor indicated a serious issue in his head. Foxx chose not to elaborate on the details publicly, maintaining his private nature.

Following the health scare, Foxx avoided the public eye, with his daughter Corinne referring to the incident as a “medical complication.” In a July 2023 Instagram video, Foxx explained his decision to withhold information, stating he did not want the public to see him in a vulnerable state with medical equipment. He described the experience as a journey to “hell and back,” and expressed gratitude for the support he received. By August 2023, Foxx updated fans on social media, sharing that he was beginning to feel like himself again after a dark period, and thanked everyone for their well wishes and prayers


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