Chaz Bono finds his groove on “Dancing with the Stars”


Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer, considered the underdogs on the current season of “Dancing with the Stars”, are nevertheless making progress in their rehearsals. With only six days into the show, Bono has lost five pounds already. “It’s so great. He says he’s not eating any differently, he’s just dancing,” Schwimmer said of Bono.

Bono was shy in his initial rehearsals, but has since broken out of his shell. There is, however, something he requests not to do on the show. Bono does not want to dance to any songs done by his iconic parents, Sonny and Cher. Schimmer said, “But the show really wants it to happen, so we’ll see.” Regardless, there is a chance Bono’s famous mom could make an appearance on the show.


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