DC SPOTLIGHT TEXAS HURRICANE FUND: Help Homeless Texas Hurricane Victims


DC Spotlight Texas Hurricane Fund

DONATE:  To provide temporary housing

What Happened:

Hurricane Harvey and its flooding has devastated the state of Texas.  Thousands will be homeless and will need temporary homes and possibly permanent housing for children, elderly and pets.   Most of the victims have lost everything, are homeless and will not have a home to return to. The need is enormous.
How the Funds Will Be Used:
Temporary housing, including motels, hotels and Airbnb housing for Texas residents affected by the storm and flooding and left homeless.

Where the Funds Will Be Spent:
The DC Spotlight Newspaper, a Washington, DC metro newspaper, has established the DC Spotlight Texas Hurricane Homeless Disaster Fund to provide temporary housing for people affected by the hurricane disaster.   Many will not have a home to return to for months, so we are in great need of funds.  We will need funds for motels, hotels and Airbnb temporary housing that we will arrange in surrounding dry cities in Texas and states such as  Arkansas and Louisiana.  We will send a DC Spotlight representative to Texas to help with hands on delivery of housing vouchers to pay for motels, hotels and Airbnb housing.
How Much is Needed:
News reports estimate that this disaster will be similar to Katrina like no flooding and hurricane disasters in Texas history.   We are requesting $100,000 to make sure victims of the storm are put into temporary housing and not removed too soon because of  lack of funds.   We want to completely avoid homelessness.
We Need the Funds Immediately:
We are still in the middle of the flooding, so we need the funds immediately.  Even when the flooding ends, we will still need funds until the people of Texas can get back into their homes.
Who We are:
The DC Spotlight Newspaper is a Washington, D.C. metro area newspaper that also helps with humanitarian and philanthropic efforts for the homeless in the U.S.

Thank You

Visit our Go Fund Me page and give to our fund.  Click below.

( DC Spotlight Texas Hurricane Fund)

Many thanks to you from the people of Texas and the staff of the DC Spotlight Newspaper.




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