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BMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 3 - Photo 1If you are a true wine lover, you already know how important for the senses it is to pair your favorite wines with the foods that make them stand out even more. One should not be careless when pairing wine with food and this is why we will share with you some rules for pairing our fine European wines from Bulgaria.


White wines are best served with foods that go well with lemon or lime.  White wines can act as a replacement of lemons due to their citrusy acidity and thus they will emphasize the flavor of foods such as fish, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and cheeses. Our 2015 Muscat of Alexandria from the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria will the just the perfect fit for the above listed dishes. It comes with a sparkling straw color with light greenish shades, an aroma of exotic fruits and delicate floral tones, reinforced by hints of herbs.

Less alcohol in your whites when paired with spicy foods!

If you are one of those people who put hot sauce on everything, you have probably already encountered that awkward moment when you sip some white wine after a spicy bite. The taste of the wine is completely different and it may or may not put out the fire. Alcohol has the effect of empowering the oils that make spicy food hot, so you should choose wines with less alcohol and a bit of sweetness to go with your jalapenos. There is none better than our 2015 Chardonnay from the Danube River region in Bulgaria. It has only 12,5% alcohol content, a yellow-green colour with light amber brilliance, an aroma of exuberant, exotic fruits, a harmonious taste with length and richness, delicate vanilla character and fruity finish.

If you are looking for dessert wine, go a bit lighter.

Go for a less sweet and more sour white wine when you want to pair it with dessert, otherwise you risk being overwhelmed with sweetness. You are looking to accentuate the sweet taste of the dessert, not overpower it with the wine. Before you dig into your cake, we suggest you pour a glass of our 2014 Muscat Ottonel from the Thracian Valley, which comes in a clear golden colour with greenish nuances, strong basil and acacia aroma and a mild and harmonious taste with elegant freshness and delightful lasting aftertaste.

BMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 3 - Photo 2FOOD PAIRINGS FOR ROSÉ WINES:

Rosé – the perfect choice for appetizers and hors d’oeuvres.

Rosé wine is the perfect combination between the fresh acidity and lightness of whites and the fruity aroma of reds. If you are having a light bite to eat at a cocktail party with cheeses and different hors d’oeuvres, you will never go wrong with a glass of our 2015 Cabernet franc (50%) and Syrah (50%) Blend from the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria. It has a youthful rose-peach color, with a lovely mineral nose with strawberry and cream, alluring fruity finish with a spicy touch.

FOOD PAIRINGS FOR RED WINESBMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 3 - Photo 3

Match red meats with tannic reds.

That juicy steak will be perfectly complemented by a red wine, rich in tannins – the compounds  in red wine that give it structure. We recommend  the 2013 Early Melnik Vine from the Thracian Valley  in Bulgaria. It is a local vine sort with a ruby red colour, rich and specific aromas of black currant,  ripe fruits and black berries.  Have a glass of this  full bodied wine with long aftertaste and smooth tannins provoking the palate that makes you crave  the next sip.

For earthy foods, choose earthy wines.

You can never go wrong when you combine foods and wines that carry the same character. For example, if you are having wild mushrooms with your steak, it is best that you have a glass of an equally earthy wine, such as our 2012 Mavrud (60%) and Rubin (40%) Blend wine with deep ruby color and garnish notes, a complex nose and nuances of well ripened black fruits, chocolate and vanilla.  It comes with a full elegant body with mild tannins and earthy leather notes that leave an attractive and delicate impression at the end.

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