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BMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 1 - Photo 1We have some exciting news for the US food and wine world! When was the last time you tried something new, unique, of very fine quality and at a perfectly good price? If you can’t remember, then it’s time you taste some of the finest European wines this year!

European wines have been on the US market for quite a while and everyone that has tried them can vouch for their perfect quality and fine characteristics. So what’s new about these wines in question? Their origin – the new trend in the wine world comes from a beautiful European state called Bulgaria.


Did you know that some of the finest European wines started their BMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 1 - Photo 2journey from the ancient times of Thrace?  Yes, millennia before the divine drink was found in France, Italy and Spain, the ancient authors describe the unique qualities of the Thracian elixir, created in the lands where today we find Bulgaria.

Thracians were the first inhabitants of the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and part of northwestern Asia Minor, which now falls in the lands of modern Bulgaria. Thracians were known as the creators of wine culture, which is evident in the unique finds of ancient treasures and the rich images BMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 1 - Photo 3found on wine drinking vessels, portrayed by legends of religious  mysteries and libations.

In Bulgaria are found priceless treasures from the time of Dionysus and the Thracians as well as some unique Bulgarian vine varieties – Pamid, Red Muscat, Dimyat, Gamza, Mavrud and Broadleafed Melnik, from which it is believed that Winston Churchill had the habit of ordering 500 liters of wine each year.

Today Bulgaria proudly takes its place among the top producers of high quality wines in Europe. And now it’s time we introduce our tasty wines to a country that is more than ready to meet them – hello, USA!


The promotional campaign that goes under the name FINE EUROPEAN WINES is funded with the financial support of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria and aims at carrying out numerous successful promotional events in the USA for the next two years, so that you can have the chance to taste some of the finest wines and fall in love with them.

If you find the time to participate in any of the planned promotional events over the next few years, you will learn much about:

  • why these fine European wines are the new trend in the wine world;
  • the wine sector in Bulgaria and its place in the European Union;
  • the wine-growing regions in the country, qualities and characteristics of the vine grape varieties in Bulgaria;
  • climate and relief features of the country and the characteristics of wines with a PDO/PGI as well as varietal wines;
  • traditions associated with the cultivation of grapes and production of wine from antiquity and found archaeological and historical evidence for this;
  • the specific requirements on national and European level regarding the cultivation of vineyards under standards for organic farming and production of Organic wines;
  • need we say more?

BMO - Bulgaria Wine - Art - Article 1 - Photo 4A MOSAIC OF BRAND NEW TASTES

Believe us when we say that you have never tasted anything like our fine wines! The rich soils and favorable climate of Bulgaria are the home of several local vine sorts that you will find only in this fruitful piece of Europe.

BROADLEAFED MELNIK is a local red variety that grows in the southwestern and warmest corner of Bulgaria. The wines from this variety are excellent, with the aroma of ripe cherry and herbs and when poured in oak containers it develops nuances of tobacco and leather. According to a very popular story, MELNIK wine was Winston Churchill’s favorite and the story claims that he had it delivered to him annually.

DIMIAT is Bulgaria’s most widely grown indigenous white grape used to make aromatic dry white wines and brandies. It develops a fruity aroma with accents of ripe peach. The taste is mild, with pleasant freshness. DIMIAT wines taste sweet, with a strong aroma and a light body and are suitable as everyday dessert wines.

GAMZA is a red grape variety that is characteristic for Bulgarian territories in close proximity to the Danube River. This variety ripens later and is used for the production of red dessert and table wines with bright raspberry transparent color and fruity aroma of raspberry. The taste is fresh, with a light structure.

MAVRUD is a very old local variety grown near the foot of a mountain. The word “mavrud” comes from the Greek word for “black” which symbolizes the wine’s deep, dark color. Wine produced from it has saturated ruby purple color with excellent taste and pronounced density. MAVRUD is a spicy and fruity varietal with high tannins, appreciated for its high quality, remarkable maturing potential and local character.

PAMID is one of the oldest varieties that grow on Bulgarian land making it an antique Bulgarian red wine classic. The wine has a bright red color. The taste is fresh with fruity notes, elegant density and a soft finish. Pamid wines are usually consumed young due to their low content of phenolic substances.

RED MISKET is an old Bulgarian variety, widespread in sub-Balkan region. This vine is considered white but has an interesting color with pink shades. The aroma has herbal nuances with quince and honey. The wine made from Red Misket is typically dry. It is straw-yellow in color and often has some green nuance.

RUBIN is an indigenous Bulgarian red grape variety. It was created in 1940’s in the Institute of Wine and Vine in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria by crossing the French clone Syrah and the indigenous Italian Nebbiolo. These wines are deep in color and the taste is full-bodied, with a soft finish. The aroma is intense, fruity, with a predominance of ripe blackberries and in contact with oak it develops sweet shades.


By now you must be anxious to find out how you can taste those wonderful wines… Luckily we will be promoting them very actively in the US for the next few years. If you are anywhere near Washington DC, Chicago or New York, please come see us at any or all of the following events:




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