THE WHITE HOUSE – Close insiders to President Biden urge him to stay in the race


Zoe Mckey, Staff Writer

President Joe Biden’s family is encouraging him to stay in the 2024 presidential race despite concerns about his age and declining poll numbers. The Biden family believes that he is the best candidate to defeat former President Donald Trump, should Trump secure the Republican nomination. Biden’s close relatives have been influential in his political career, providing emotional support and strategic advice.

Biden faces significant challenges, including low approval ratings and skepticism about his age and health. Nonetheless, his administration is focusing on showcasing his achievements, such as economic recovery and efforts to combat Islamophobia, to bolster his re-election campaign. The Democratic Party remains divided, with some members contemplating alternative candidates, but no significant challenger has emerged to oppose Biden in the primary. The party’s strategy hinges on presenting Biden as a steady and experienced leader capable of navigating the nation through turbulent times​.


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