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When was the last time you and your family soared beyond the horizons of our nation for a vacation? In all likelihood, it has been far too long, which leads to this most popular international vacation location. Costa Rica, located in Central America and surrounded by neighboring countries Nicaragua and Panama, offers an unfathomable amount of tourist attractions, hotel accommodations and native foods that will surely make one’s time in Central America a blast!


Saving the best for last (activities), of course, here is a list of the best lodging locations, an all-important facet to your vacation experience. And since Costa Rica is relatively large for a vacation spot, here are hotels in each region (North, South, East, Central, and West). First, there is the gorgeous Nayara Hotel Spa and Gardens located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica. This hotel becomes the top choice for those on a honeymoon or couples only retreat, and the scenery cannot be missed. Another popular hotel in the same location is The Springs Resort and Spa, which is an absolute luxury in the middle of the jungle. One of the true gems on the southwestern portion of Costa Rica bordering the Pacific Ocean is Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort, located in Manuel Antonio National Park. The hospitality here is unparalleled, as the staff gets to know you on a first name basis and truly makes your stay at this scenic location a memorable one. Another beautiful hotel can be found on the extreme northwest corner of Costa Rica at the Gulf of Papagayo. This hotel, Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, overlooks the bay and offers a supreme home away from home feel. Finally, the Hotel Punta Islita, situated on the northwest part of Costa Rica, is entirely captivating. Escaping a good view becomes impossible from this location, and the accommodations plus friendly staff make it all the more enjoyable.


The majority of the ‘ideal’ restaurants for vacationers can be found on the peninsula located on the northwest side of Costa Rica. Restaurants such as Langosta Beach Club, Ginger Restaurant Bar, Coco Loco, and Season’s by Schlomy are all the most popular restaurants one can find along that western Seaborg. Bacchus and Taj Mahal Restaurant are easily two of the best restaurants located in the nation’s capital, San Jose. If you’re staying in one of the aforementioned hotels located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, La Parrilla de Maria Bonita is a must-go. Also while stationed there, do not forget to try out Marisqueria Snapper’s House and Chifa La Familia Feliz, as all of these restaurants dish out some of the best quality steak and seafood known to man. If you choose to stay near the Manuel Antonio National Park, here are a few must try restaurants.  Gondola Gourmet Restaurant, Z Seafood and Grill, El Patio de Café Milagro and Falafel Bar are your go-to choices for dinner accommodations. Furthermore, if you happen to be in the Gulf of Papagayo area, Abbocato and The Dive Bar are the absolute best choices. Finding food of any variety will only become a hassle when forced to pick between all of these famously delicious restaurants, and collectively they offer some of Central America’s best cuisine.


Staying relatively close to the locations and food already mentioned, the attractions located in these places are incredibly fascinating. In La Fortuna de San Carlos, one could travel to Proyecto Asis for a once in a lifetime animal experience. Visit and immerse one’s self in the La Fortuna Waterfall, go rafting, tubing, and zip lining through some of the clearest waters and amazing jungles in all of Central America, go visit the natural hot springs, or just book a day at the lake and enjoy ATV riding, fishing, camping and the surreal atmosphere. If you are staying in or around Manuel Antonio National Park, you’re in for a real treat. The ADR Adventure Park is without a doubt the most riveting adventures available. More than just zip lining, you are hiking, repelling, climbing all throughout the forest! If you are lucky, a refreshing rain shower may reward you after all of your hard work.

Also, Playa Manuel Antonio is one of the more beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and the Eco Tours are also a fun and entertaining investment of one’s time. The Gulf of Papagayo offers a Sardinal Trip to catch some of the most highly concentrated areas of Sardines on the planet.

The wonderful part about a Costa Rica vacation is that the attractions are not mainstream; discovering new personal limits and/or pushing those limits becomes a very compelling part of the adventure. The nativity that associates with the attractions make one feel as if each and every encounter is a chance to participate in and learn something new. What can be better than that?


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