NEWS BY NUMBERS – 4/20 marijuana holy day celebration; man saves thousands in tolls, could get 7 years


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4/20 is a popular code associated with marijuana.

On Sunday, April 20, marijuana smokers gathered across the United States to celebrate “Pot Holy Day.” The 4/20 code became widespread for the past few years even though it originated in 1971 in California, when a group of five high school friends found a hand-drawn map locating a marijuana crop near San Francisco. Those teenagers met after school at 4:20pm and drove to the plot — which they never found.  The term 4/20 began with the group and their friends and has been used widespread by others, including the members of the Grateful Dead rock band.

143 passengers from a capsized South Korean ferry were still missing Sunday morning after the vessel went down Wednesday.

The ferry called Sewol departed from the city of Ansan on Tuesday, April 15, for a four-day trip to Jeju Island. Out of 475 people aboard, 70 percent, or more than 300 passengers, were high school students from Danwon school in the Seoul suburb of Ansan.  Officials said that 174 had been rescued, including 20 out of 30 crew members.


$28,000 in tolls is how much a cab driver saved by not obeying the law.

 Rodolfo Sanchez, 69, found a way to crossthe Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in New York City without paying the tolls by tailgating the car in front of him and sneaking though before the barrier came back down. The cab driver used this technique while crossing the bridge for the past two years. If convicted, he may face charges and be imprisoned for seven years.

30 million copies of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” were sold in 1967 by Novel Prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

 87-year old Marquez died in Mexico on April 17.  The cause of his death is unknown, but the author was hospitalized recently due to a lung and urinary tract infection in Mexico City.  “One Hundred Years of Solitude” was translated in 30 languages. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.  President Barack Obama said that Marquez was one of his favorite authors from when he was young.   I once had the privilege to meet him in Mexico, where he presented me with an inscribed copy that I cherish to this day,” said Obama.  Marquez was also a close friend of the former Cuban President Fidel Castro.

9 suspected al-Qaeda fighters were killed by a drone in Yemen.

On Saturday, April 19, an American drone targeted a car with militants in the Sawmaa area in the al-Bayda province, whose deputy governor was assassinated Tuesday by suspected al-Qaeda militants. During the raid, at least six civilians were killed and wounded.  Yemen’s branch of al-Qaeda is considered to be the most dangerous in the world and Yemen’s army, supported by U.S. military, fights them.


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