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Get the right goalie sticks

Hockey is such an exciting and energetic game, but without the right equipment, things could take a turn for the worst. Sometimes people have their eyes focused on the players that they forget about the goalkeeper. Well, the goalie is a super important part of the team, and without the right equipment and apparel, they can’t help their teammates achieve victory. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing goalie sticks. Here we will detail why it is crucial to pick the right one, as well as how you can determine which selection is your perfect match.

Consider how you hold the stick

Right-handed and left-handed goalies will have different requirements when it comes to choosing goalie sticks. The selection also depends on how the goalkeeper holds their stick. Most goalkeepers will have a glove on their left hand so that the right (dominant) hand is free to hold the stick. Yet if you are a left-handed player, then things will vary a bit. Other considerations include your stance (high or low,) your height, and your age. Your body’s build will also play a factor in which hockey stick you choose, since certain sticks have a higher lie or a more pronounced curve. All things to remember!

Make sure you like the material

The material that the goalie sticks are made of will play a part in how effective you will be able to use it. The traditional wooden sticks could pose a problem if you play lots of ice hockey. On the other hand, a composite stick is composed of a variety of materials, including graphite and carbon fibre, making these sticks more lightweight. Newer technology allows many manufacturers to construct sticks that have greater force absorption thanks to foam injection in the blades. These sticks provide a large advantage over sticks that are purely solid.

Give it a test run!

This is the fun part! Before you purchase any sticks, try to give it a “test run,” or at least swing it around and practice your stance and moves in the store. Surely the store associate will allow it, as it is imperative that a goalkeeper has the perfect stick! Check the blade and the lie, as well as how well the stick absorbs the shock of an oncoming puck. Make sure the length of the stick is suitable for your height, including when you factor in your goalie stance. Good luck and have fun!


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