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This August was a very interesting month for the Metropolitan Washington food and wine scene.  It was also the month in which certain Fine European Wines found a new home – Washington DC.

Fine European Wines and its partner Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington held the first events of the campaign associated with the promotion of high quality European wines in the US, part of the project “Promotion of European wines in the United States” under the National Programme for support for the wine sector for the period 2014-2018.


What is a master class? A master class educates the crowd not only about the brand but also about the region, the potential, the identity, the qualities and the taste and the flavors of particular wines.

Our master class sent a very clear message that the Eastern European wine regions although not known by many, should not be associated only with affordable wines but with wines that have specific characteristics and flavors that are typical and unique for the regions that they come from. Like Thery Tease once said: “For a wine it is not enough to have a passport, it needs to have a birth certificate as well.” Our wines come from the five European wine regions of Bulgaria – The Thracian Valley, the Struma River Valley, the Rose Valley, the Danube Plain and the Black Sea region.

As wine sponsors of Metropolitan Washington Restaurant 2016-aug-bmo-bulgaria-wine-art-1Week, our fun and informative master class was held on the 8th of August at the very prestigious restaurant “The Partisan” in Washington DC where we gathered professionals in the wine sector: owners of restaurants, wholesalers, journalists writing about wine and industrial partners. We are happy to say that this was the first master class for high quality European wines from Bulgaria and was led by our very own 2016-aug-bmo-bulgaria-wine-art-2professional sommelier Marin Atanasov who is also the wine consultant of the project.


What fun would a master class be if there is no wine? After our audience was educated on the topic of Fine European Wines and the Bulgarian wine regions and local vine sorts, there was an open tasting session.  Every one of our guests had the opportunity to taste a select number of our best wines and forever become their fans.

The wines that were selected for tasting were aromatic whites from the European wine regions of Bulgaria, made in a very dry style with uplifted herbal, spice and flower aromas. The local reds from the region definitely intrigued the crowd. The unique sense of terroir of the wines from the Struma River Valley, for example, was appreciated by sommeliers and restaurant owners who decided to pair them with food that has similar regional identity.

2016-aug-bmo-bulgaria-wine-art-3A few days after the master class was the start of Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week. Several restaurants had included them in their restaurant week menus for everyone to try and love!


Not only the guests of the Master Class were able to learn about our wines. On the 17th of August we visited Stratford University at its Alexandria Campus. We shared information about the project, the wine regions and fine wines in front of a curious and vibrant audience consisting of culinary students and representatives of the food and wine industry in the Washington Metropolitan area.


If you did not have the opportunity to be at one of our events and try some of the finest European wines this August, don’t panic there will be more! Take a look at our calendar of events and keep up with our news for more specific dates and times in Washington DC, Chicago and New York.

If you wish to taste some of our fine wines, please do not hesitate to contact us at: and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.


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