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UPDATE: 14 Soccer officials indicted and U.S. stop corruption

Jack Warner, a FIFA committee member, sold his vote to South Africa — for a $10 million payout — to ensure the location of the World Cup. One vote could be the key to tipping the decision and for decades business was conducted this way. U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch supervised the investigation from the very beginning and has pointed out that soccer officials has treated FIFA decisions has a way to gain personal wealth.



High-speed internet may be Federally funded

Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is circulating an idea that national access to high-speed internet is essential to our economy. This would be a push to regulate broadband internet as a public utility. To qualify for the plan, the household must have an income 135 percent below the federal poverty level, or be a participant in Medicaid or food stamps.


Wednesday, Rick Santorum officially announced presidential bid

Rick Santorum pledged, Wednesday, to restore the middle class that has been “hollowed out” by our government. Santorum warned his audience — of 1,000 evangelicals — about the radical Islam and boasted that the Islamic State labeled him an enemy. He even criticised his own party for continually fighting about cutting taxes for the rich.



Prisoner escaped from hospital indicted with counts of gun, kidnapping

Wossen Assaye, 42, is accused of escaping the U.S. Marshals custody at Inova Fairfax Hospital. This ignited a large manhunt in March and now been indicted on charges for fleeing the authorities. The grand total includes 16 counts, six from bank robbery, escape, kidnapping, assault and also several gun-related. His arrest took place in Southeast D.C., March 31 after he kicked out of the trunk of a vehicle and attempted a second carjacking in Annandale.


Washington, D.C.

Deadly shooting NB on I-195

Police are looking for information from anyone who may have witnessed a driveby shooting Northbound on Interstate 195, Thursday morning. Initially, Police were saying it was an incident of road rage, but later commented that the murder of one man and the injury of another had no evidence of confrontation. If anyone has information concerning the event near the Naval Research Laboratory exit, before 9 a.m., dial 911 or 202-727-9099.


Washington Monument closed for repairs

An electrical problem close the monument Thursday morning. Entry to the elevator or the observation level has been disallowed. According to Mike Litterst in the National Park Service, contractor will reopen it as soon as they fix the issues.



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