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October 13, 2016
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When it comes to saving money not everyone possesses the necessary knowledge to follow through with this. In our current times being able to save money is an important factor, so here are 7 different ways to save money online.

1. The Shopping Cart Trick

This is something that people have been discovering more and more recently. There are many occasions where simply adding something to your shopping cart and then closing out of it, will earn you coupons. With many services, this action triggers an email with different coupons off of your purchase. The companies realize that you were interested in their product, but maybe you felt it was a bit out of your price range? As an incentive, they will offer you some pretty impressive coupons or direct money off of your purchase. They know that this is a great way to get more customers and for you, it can be an amazing money saving trick.

Ultimately this means that unless you require your item right away, placing it in your cart and leaving it for a few days, can be very beneficial. Let it stew for a bit and check to see if you receive an email giving you a good deal on your next purchase.

2. The Promo Codes
Many people simply continue with their online purchases before looking into potential deals. You can usually look into a website or service online and find various promotional codes. Sometimes these codes offer free shipping or up to very high percentages off of your purchase. There are plenty of different sites that show you lists of codes and coupons for pretty much everything you can think of to buy. Take a few extra moments before buying something and double check to see if they have any potential online deals. Check out coupons & promo codes at

3. Compare the Price
This is another obvious one that many people just forget to take advantage of. Google your product just to be sure that you are actually finding it at the best price possible. There is so much competition online that you can probably find a better deal elsewhere.

4. Pay Attention to Deal Days
There are certain days where websites offer sales and those are usually in the middle of the week. They usually see more sales during the weekends, so this is a great way for them to generate more money.

5. Check out Facebook

Often when you see an item that you want on Facebook, commenting can get you some great deals. Maybe leave a comment that you simply cannot afford that price, and you are likely to receive a promotional code from the person running the account.

6. Rewards Programs
Many places offer rewards programs and some of these don’t cost you anything. If you spend a lot of money with certain companies, you should take advantage of their rewards programs.

7. Multiple Email Addresses
Create a few extra email accounts and you can sign up for extra coupons.

With these 7 tips, you are well on your way to saving more money through your online shopping. There are some surprising ways that you can really increase your piggy bank just by following these tricks.



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