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December 20, 2017
Miguel Angel
Guest Writer
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Drop shipping from China is rising with companies like Chinabrands, the new e-commerce revolution that allows selling of products online without inventory at all.  Today, we know much more about internet purchasing, which has opened a window of infinite possibilities to both business companies and final buyers. One of the business opportunities that has evolved from traditional e-commerce is is drop shipping for dummies, a new business model in which entrepreneurs sell all types of products from manufacturers without the existence or responsibility of having inventory stocks.

We have to understand the drop shipper’s role as someone who works as a logistic center, an outsourcing partner from the traditional e-commerce. This person can earn extra money by organizing collection from a supplier and delivery to the customer without ever having to keep stock of the products. Thus removing the need for storage facilities and outlay for stock items. By doing this both individuals are saving money and keeping overheads low.

The idea is that the final client, the person who buys the item, will never know about the existence of this intermediation role. The primary function is to receive the product you bought in good terms and conditions, and to have the customer perfectly satisfied.

Is drop shipping worth it?

This business idea is a win win for both parties: e-commerce and drop shippers. For most entrepreneurs, stock and inventories are the biggest inconveniences of their business, as it require a hug investment and risk to keep high stock. So, If they release the responsibility to the supplier, the business will have the chance to focus primarily on promotion and customer service.

In other words, for example, if the customer has paid $100 dollars to the e-commerce for their product, from wholesale fidget toys, the drop shipper will place an order with a drop shipping platform for $70 dollars, which translates into a $30 dollars savings.

Drop shipping is completely legal and is the result of a partnership between two businesses that aim to satisfy the customer’s needs and time for orders. Therefore, there are no illegal practices in the drop shipping business model.

Best global drop shipping suppliers

China brands are well-known for producing some big brand products at cheaper prices; the quality is also very similar and can be better at times. When it comes to to wholesale gadget parts. China suppliers are very popular.

The mobile phones industry is one of the biggest globally. Currently, everyone has access to cell phones, however these gadgets are not made to last more than an average of two years, when they will need to be replaced or repaired.

Through China brands e-commerce, it is easy to find mobile phone parts, especially if the customer has a Chinese brand cell, such as Xiaomi or Doogee. Batteries and other accessories for your iPhone or Samsung can be a lot cheaper through drop shipping from China suppliers.

Therefore, If you are considering drop shipping as a way to earn extra money, your partnership with China brands will boost your store and massively increase your variety of items to offer.

Wholesale from China: Dropshipping made business easy

A partnership with China Brands will help to quickly increase your business earning. Buying wholesale from China is worth it If you would like a risk-free business. The biggest advantage of drop shipping is the fact that retailers can place orders immediately after they have received them, what it translates into an efficient business without inventory.

In business, timing is everything, especially choosing the right product at the right time. Chinabrands work with the very latest electronics and fashion apparel, so that buyers can choose the most trendy products. This allows buyers to use 20% of the time in order to complete 80% of the work. Therefore, the buyer has time to invest in building stronger SEO, market research and better customer relations. Drop shipping seems to be the future of e-commerce; a win win with more opportunities to build a business with better deals for year around shopping.


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