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September 5, 2017
Abe Abbie
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Photo:  Dülmener Wildpferde

In the past, only professional photographers or designers had the expertise to edit photos. Because of its technical nature and steep learning curve, editing photos took a lot of time and effort.  However, in this technologically advanced world, that is no longer the case. Not only are more and more people starting to edit photos, due to how popular photography has become, but there are also more user-friendly methods available. Essentially, that is exactly what Movavi Photo Editor has create: A user-friendly yet powerful photo editor software.

Simply put, if you want to start editing your photos, Movavi Photo Editor will let you do so without requiring any prior experience or special skills. Due to its intuitive approach you can quite literally pick it up and start to edit your photos to perfection. The software has many features .  Among them are the ability to:

  • Apply artistic filters and effects

Filters are essentially overlays that alter the visual appearance and style of your photos. With Movavi Photo Editor, you’ll be able to apply these filters to your photos with just a few clicks, and can pick and choose from its extensive selection that includes options such as sizzling cinnamon, nostalgic, cezanne, subdued pearl, dramatic, and so on.

  • Remove unwanted elements or entire backgrounds

If there are any objects, people or other elements that are in the way or detracting from your photo, why not just remove them? With Movavi Photo Editor, it is easy to select and remove any elements, and you could also remove the entire background and replace it with a new image if you prefer.

  • Touch up portraits

As you probably know, selfies are still extremely popular, but of course, not all of them are the best photos.  With Movavi Photo Editor, you’ll find countless tools that  can be used to touch up any selfies or other portraits by removing blemishes, erasing wrinkles, whitening teeth, applying digital makeup, or even altering the lip tint, eye color or hair dye.

  • Adjust the frame and orientation

Although this may seem relatively basic, altering the frame and orientation of photos is actually an extremely powerful way to improve them. By giving you tools to crop, rotate, level, resize or flip your photos, you should be able to change the frame and composition to alter the entire outlook of the photo.

Make no mistake, all of those features just scratch the surface of what is in Movavi Photo Editor. As you explore it further you’ll find that you can enhance the quality of your photos, fix common issues, add customizations to captions, and much more.

Simply put, Movavi Photo Editor has everything you need to edit your photos in much the same way a professional would. However, because it is designed to be intuitive in nature, it won’t require you to go through a steep learning curve or jump through any hoops and more importantly, you should be able to use it to start editing your photos in minutes.


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