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Trump and Sanders leading polls in New Hampshire

Around half a million registered voters are expected to cast their votes for their desired Republican or Democratic presidential candidate in New Hampshire today. This will mark the first primary election of the 2016 presidential race. Currently, polls depict Bernie Sanders with a substantial lead for the Democratic nomination in New Hampshire, and Donald Trump is leading the Republican nomination. However, the rest of the Republican candidates are polling very closely. Most polls will be closed by 7pm tonight.


Lead contamination in water in the District

Although the lead contamination of tap water in Flint, Michigan has drawn much national attention, it appears this crisis is not an isolated one. For instance, in Sebring, Ohio, water tests found similarly unsafe levels of lead in the city’s drinking reserve. In 2001 in the District of Columbia, water disinfection methods were changed which subsequently led to huge spike in the lead contamination of tap water, about 20-times the previous levels. In this situation, residents were not alerted for years, and many lead water pipes were eventually pulled from Washington’s water system. In major cities, like New York City and Philadelphia, routine testing frequently finds high levels of lead contamination in tap water. The Environmental Protection Agency says this is because bodies of water which provide tap water to 1/3 of the U.S. population are not yet covered by clean water laws which limit toxic pollutants.


Gunfire leaves toddler injured

On Saturday night, multiple gunshots were fired in the 5400 block of Georgia Avenue. Among the injured was a toddler who was inside a business near the shooting. A bullet is said to have come through the window and grazed the boy. The shooting is currently under investigation, and the boy is in stable condition.


Trial begins for mother of 5-year old found in septic tank

31-year-old Ashley White’s trial begins in Circuit Court on Monday. She is being prosecuted on charges of abuse and criminal neglect. White is accused of leaving her 5-year-old son, Noah Thomas and infant, Abigail Thomas alone at home on March 22nd of last year. 4 days later the boy’s body was found in a septic tank of a home near White’s residence. A medical examiner has attributed Noah’s death to drowning and hypothermia.


Former Maryland lieutenant governor endorses Hillary Clinton

Ex-Maryland lieutenant governor Anthony Brown announced his endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday. Brown has stated that the stakes are high in this presidential election, and that Marylanders will benefit from a Democrat like Clinton in office. Brown announced his support for Clinton via an email to supporters just hours before the beginning of the New Hampshire primaries. Brown has said of Clinton, “Her service as Secretary of States prepared her to face challenges at home and abroad.”

DC Spotlight Check in - PRESIDENTIAL POLLSQuinnipiac Polls: Courtesy of


Clinton: 44%

Sanders: 42%


Trump: 31%

Cruz: 22%

Rubio: 19%

Carson: 6%

Bush: 3%

Kasich: 3%

Christie: 3%

DC Spotlight Check in - GAME SCORESWashington Wizards: No Game

Washington Capitals: No Game

Washington Redskins: End of Season

Washington National: End of Season

Washington Mystics: End of Season

DC Spotlight Check in - WEATHER


DC Spotlight Check in - QUOTE OF THE DAY

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm”

-Samuel Taylor Coledridge





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