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Trump returns to campaign platform after Iowa loss

After an extended hiatus from his campaign platform following his loss at the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump has returned to the public’s view. Many have claimed that Trump’s loss in Iowa discouraged the candidates presidential aspirations, but the real estate magnate has claimed otherwise. When asked if he had made any mistakes on the campaign trail which led to his shortcoming in Iowa, Trump responded, “I don’t feel any pressure.” When asked about the New Hampshire primary, which is on Tuesday, the Republican hopeful stated, “I would like to finish first.”


Flint, Michigan’s former manager resigns as head of Detroit schools

Darnell Earley, the former manager of Flint, Michigan who oversaw the decision to draw water from the Flint river, which has since been determined to be contaminated with lead, resigned from his position as the head of Detroit schools. Earley resigned a day before the congressional committee hearing on Flint’s water crisis. Shortly after his resignation on Tuesday evening, a subpoena was issued for Mr. Earley to appear before the congressional committee, the former manager’s lawyer has stated he will not be able to appear. Elijah E. Cummings,, a Democrat leading the committee has stated, “Mr. Earley has the right to assert the Fifth Amendment, but his abrupt resignation earlier today and his refusal to testify before the committee make it even more urgent that we hear directly from the governor as soon as possible about this escalating scandal.”


Serial robbery suspect sought out by Washington police

District of Columbia police officers are currently on the search for a man who has robbed at least 6 stores since mid-January. The police department has released surveillance videos depicting the man speaking to cashiers at various stores before they promptly hand him the money in their register. This case has been especially disconcerting to police, for the man committed many of these crimes in broad daylight in front of other people without any attempt at concealing his identity. A police spokesman stated, “his crimes across the city are becoming more brazen.”


Virginia tech student receiving harsher charge in girl’s slaying

Natalie Keepers, who initially was charged just for the unjust disposal of a body and accessory to felony in murder of 13-year old Nicole Lovell is now thought to have played a larger role in the crime. Keeper’s involvement is being further investigated. Her accomplice, David Eisenhauer, was jailed immediately for kidnapping and first-degree murder. The only statement Eisenhauer has released is, “the truth will set me free.”


Baltimore homicide rates drop

The homicide rates in Baltimore have dropped from their apex during the tumultuous 2015. It has been reported that in January only 14 homicides were recorded, less than half of the 33 in December. Last year, the city recorded a total of 344 homicides, the city’s second highest murder count on record. Baltimore police commissioner Davis claims the decline in homicide rates during January bodes well for 2016.

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Clinton: 51%

Sanders: 43%

O’Malley: 4%


Trump: 27%

Cruz: 26%

Rubio: 22%

Carson: 3%

Bush: 4%

Christie: 3%

Paul: 3%

DC Spotlight Check in - GAME SCORES

Washington Wizards: No Game

Washington Capitals: 2/2/16 Washington Capitals 2 v. Florida Panthers 5

Washington Redskins: End of Season

Washington Nationals: End of Season

Washington Mystics: End of Season

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