FLASH NEWS – May 3, 2015


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May 3, 2015

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Officers Charged with Manslaughter

Maryland – Baltimore’s prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby charged six police officers with murder, manslaughter and assault in the arrest and eventual death of Freddie Gray. Mosby also said the initial arrest of Gray was done so without probable cause. Originally officers charged him with the possession of a switchblade, later deemed lawful under Maryland Law.


Police Union Questions Charges’ Validity

Maryland – The Police Union expressed concerns surrounding Prosecutor Mosby and her personal connection to the Gray family. It was pointedly stated that Mosby’s investigation could be beneficial to her husband, a Baltimore city councilman. The Baltimore Order of Police stressed that “personal and professional” relationships may force Mosby to appoint another prosecutor.


Rescuers Search Watergate for Missing People

Washington, D.C. – The parking garage at the Watergate complex collapsed Friday morning. Mayor Muriel Bowser stated that search and rescue is still in progress sifting through the 40-foot-by-40-foot section that collapsed on each floor. The complex has been evacuated, but the cause of the structure failure is still unknown and residents are still unaccounted for.


Thousands Missing after Nepal Quake

World News – Up to a thousand are missing and over six thousand were killed last week after Nepal’s tragedy so far. Friday afternoon food and help finally came for those still stranded, but there is still work to be done. EU officials say it will be difficult to track the backpackers, since they do not register with their embassies.


Liberian Woman Contracted Ebola from Sex

World News – A 44-year-old Liberian woman was diagnosed on March 20 with Ebola. Doctors were left uncertain by her case, because she had no contact with current patients with the virus. However, recently a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that doctors discovered she had unprotected sex with the Ebola survivor, thus giving her the virus.


Obama on David Letterman Monday

Entertainment News – President Obama is to appear one last time — his eighth and final time — with David Letterman. The First Lady made an appearance on Letterman’s CBS show Thursday, inviting along a U.S. Marine Corps band. She casually mentioned Letterman’s need to “hang out together” sometime after he retires on May 20.


Facebook Users Donate $10M to Nepal

Business – Facebook recently launched a campaign to donate to Nepal’s quake recovery fund by adding a “donate button’ on the site. Zuckerberg stated that in two days more than half a million people donated. Facebook’s 1.4 billion active users and soon-to-be 2 billion were asked to help with the aftermath.


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