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FIFA corruption leads to fraud investigations

FIFa’s Ethics Committee banned 11 individuals from any soccer-related activities during the corruption investigations. Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters that those who were banned engaged in worldwide bribery. Now, the next step in the investigation is extradition, in which officials will strive to bring suspects to the United State to face bribery allegations and illegal employment of the U.S. banking system to cloak their activity.


Washington, D.C.

Police arrest Washington D.C. man for terrorist threats

Metro Transit Police arrested Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman, Wednesday, at his resident in the 1600 block of Fort Davis Place in Southeast. Investigators reported that Stone-Coleman allegedly gave false information regarding mass terrorist attacks on “transportation systems.” He was said to have called 911 in excess of 11 times making false claims.


Man robbed and beaten for $1

May 15 this year on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Southeast, a surveillance video captured a 63-year-old man being robbed. Around 5:45 p.m., the attacker, described as “wearing a red T-shirt and jeans” could be seen punching another man and running off. According to the police, the victim suffered a severe laceration and a number of passerbys did nothing to help as they walked past the victim.



Obama’s plan for new EPA water protection program

Obama announced a new rule, Wednesday, concerning the EPA’s new responsibility to protect streams and wetlands. However, the Republican-led Congress slammed the new rule saying it was an “unprecedented oversight.” Obama disagrees and attempted to ensure them that it will hold polluters accountable for threatening water security.


Hillary Clinton’s speech rebukes GOP for blocking equal pay

Equal pay legislation has been a top priority for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to her previous speeches and interviews with her aide. In a speech Wednesday she will outline the Paycheck Fairness Act, comment on increasing minimum wage and promote “pay transparency” to reduce the wage gap for women. Dick Harpootlian stated that engaging  grassroots groups was key because they were not nearly as excited as the should be.



Mob in Guatemala burns teen alive

Witnesses in the village Rio Bravo told local media the teen girl was beaten and set on fire for allegedly being involved in a taxi driver’s murder. Footage of the incident was captured and went viral, but Police have not been able to authenticate the material. President Otto Perez Molina stated they have seen a problematic and steadily increasing amount of vigilante crimes resulting in a lack of police force.


Overdraft fees cost Americans billions

In the first three months of the year, just three banks — JPMorgan Chase , Bank of America and Wells Fargo — made more than $1.1 billion. In just a year, if the trend continues, they will earn about $4.5 billion. However, the law says you can opt out of these overdraft services, but a 2014 Pew study established that more than half of the people who overdrew their accounts have no recollection of consent to it in the first place.



Howard County 18-year-old set playground on fire

David joe McKinney of Jessup is charged with arson for maliciously causing $40,000 of damage to the Huntington Park playground. Located in the 9600 block of Clocktower Lane in Columbia, fire crews snuffed out the inferno. After the incident investigators began attempting to determine if this arson case can be connected to any other intentional, local fires.



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