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B.B. King allegedly poisoned

According to two of his daughters, B.B. King’s medically unlicensed associates, allegedly administered him unauthorized substances. King’s business manager, LaVerne Toney — one of the accused — commented that the women have been “making allegations all along.” Earlier this year, Toney was accused of elder abuse and neglect, but the case was thrown out due to the lack of evidence. There is no evidence — as of yet — to support these accusations, but full autopsy results can take up six to eight weeks.


Tough love with Robert De Niro

In Madison Square Garden, De Niro candidly remarked on the future waiting ahead of NYU graduates. He let them know that those with degrees in nursing, business, law and education will have stable careers, but those in arts are “f–d.” Evoking laughter from the crowd, he continues to firmly remind those others — faced with less stability — to follow their passions and never to take rejection personally.


Washington, D.C.

False alarm evacuates U.S. Capitol

Tuesday, a false alarm left the Capitol building and its visitor center evacuated for approximately an hour with no signs of smoke or fire. This audible alarm comes two days after police discovered a, presumed abandoned, pressure cooker near the annual Memorial Day concert outside the Capitol. The owner of the cooker was taken into custody with the concern that the device could be used to create bombs, similar to those in the Boston Marathon attack.



Obama fights for NSA program

President Barack Obama is urging the senate to work through their recess in order to appropriately address the problems at hand. He believes extended this Patriot Act provision — expiring five days from now — is essential to the security of Americans. Obama remarks on the legislation, reminding the Senate it includes useful tools to track “lone wolf terrorism suspects” and can grant the FBI the ability to eavesdrop on suspects who cycle through phones quickly.


US Justice Department announces Cleveland’s police settlement

Cleveland agreed to examine and renovate its police department during a settlement announced Tuesday. The announcement followed the acquittal of a patrolman charged with manslaughter of two unarmed black suspects. The settlement wants for strengthened guidelines outlining the use of force and general policing policies.


16-year-old girl pleads guilty to slaughtering father

Tuesday, Morgan Arnold of Ellicott City pleaded guilty to first degree murder in Howard County Circuit Court. Allegedly, Arnold plotted with her boyfriend to kill Dennis Lane, her 58-year-old father. She is being tried as an adult and is faced with the possibility of a life sentence.


Drunken man forces child to drive him home

In Frederick County near MD. 80 and Md. 75, police pulled over a 13-year old boy driving a blue Dodge Challenger. According to the report, about 7:20 p.m. Friday, Michael McLaughlin of the 3800 block of Greenridge Drive, forced his son to drive him home. McLaughlin is charged with child neglect and reckless endangerment.



Gender identity may be added to school curriculum

The Fairfax County Public School board is holding a vote that could add gender identity and sexual orientation lessons to middle school students. The intention of the curriculum addition is to provide a relief to anguished students struggling without access to this information. “It will [also]teach LGBT kids that what they are feeling is normal,” says student Sam Runner, president of West Springfield’s Gay Straight Alliance.



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