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February 22, 2019


Here’s a fun trivia: Did you know that the word “fire” can stand alone as a complete sentence?

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Get it? Those are three whole sentences already. But those are probably sentences you never want to hear in your lifetime. Yes, never sounds pretty good in this case.

Fire, as we all know, is both a blessing and a curse. Through the discovery of fire, man was able to do all sorts of magnanimous things. They were able to create all kinds of inventions – from armor, cutlery, to delicious edibles. If it weren’t for the discovery of fire, civilization may not have developed as fast as it has. We are only able to enjoy what we have today thanks to the gifts of fire.

However, fire is hardly innocent – let alone safe. In fact, fire is the perpetrator of many disasters and accidents. A stray lightning can cause a wild fire in the forest, incinerating anything and everything that blocks its path, from tall grass to tall giraffes. The unknowing fire can also inflict burns and blisters on the careless – especially careless kitchen junkies. But most terrifying of all is the fact that our own homes can catch fire when we’re not looking. It could be that a lit candle has been left unattended or a home appliance short-circuited. It could be a curious child playing games with fire or a stove top left burning. Many things can lead to fire accidents. No matter how advanced we have become, no matter how high-tech, the reality of fire-related accidents remain frequent and true. For parents, read this.

While we can never erase nor deny the threat of fire accidents, we can at least prepare for them in advance. Just like typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes, large-scale fire incidents can happen at a moment’s notice. If you’re underprepared, there’s a pretty good chance of suffering grave losses – physically, financially, and emotionally. The trauma that springs from a life-threatening fire experience can be very damaging and fire survivors often carry scars from the experience throughout their lives. The unlucky ones even develop deep-rooted phobias and may react aggressively towards the slightest sight of fire.

In any case, the solution is very clear. This is where the classic expression prevention is better than the cure comes in handy. Preparation is the key to remaining safe in this ever-changing, unpredictable world. Luckily, the tedious task of fire prevention need not be shouldered alone. In fact, there are many establishments willing to offer expert help, namely fire prevention companies.

What Are Fire Prevention Companies?

Just as the name suggests, fire prevention companies are private establishments that offer solutions to common fire risks and incidents. They are often manufacturers or distributors of fire safety devices, and they also do installations. Local homeowners, small businesses and million dollar enterprises all seek professional help from fire prevention companies when it comes to fireproofing their place of residence or business. Although the odds of ever experiencing a life-threatening fire isn’t astronomical, still families and companies that fireproof their respective homes and offices are wise to do so. After all, when a fire hits, you only need one vulnerable moment for a fire to conceivably ruin your life forever.

In other words, the odds of it ever happening may be pretty slim, but the magnanimity is not something to be ignored. This is what common people fail to see. It’s easier to forego costs, but when misfortune occur, the only thing you will be feeling is regret and thinking about all the “what ifs.”

If you’re one of the wise, investing in fire prevention mechanisms is something you should really prioritize from the very start. You should start investing as soon as possible.

Here are a couple of fire prevention devices in Vancouver you should really invest in:

1. Fire Extinguishers – You know those tanks filled with fireproof foam? Yes, the red ones with a hose. You need them. Whether it’s for the house or for the company, fire extinguishers will really come in handy during times of emergency. You may experience a small kitchen fire or your living room curtain may accidentally ignite from the flame of a lit candle. A fire extinguisher can help put out small-scale fires and help you avoid extensive damage.

2. Fire Alarms – Next, you need a device that can monitor spontaneous and irregular fires in the house. It could be anything,  as long as it alerts you of the fumes. Some high-tech alarms even allow you to contact the fire department at the drop of a hat.  Read more about fire alarms at http://www.bartecfire.com

3. Fire Sprinklers – For houses with many separate rooms and business offices, fire sprinklers are a must-have. These fire detection devices are often attached to the ceiling of every room as an automatic response in case a fire breaks out. It determines the presence of fire by detecting large amounts of smoke or carbon and releases the valves of its sprinklers to instantly shower on the raging flames. 


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